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Overload Flux: Award Finalist (x3)

Overload Flux is an Award Finalist (Third Time is the Charm?)

Overload Flux award finalist

Recently, I told you about Overload Flux being a finalist for a NERFA. I'm pleased to tell you that my book is now a finalist for an Award of Excellence from the fine folks at Colorado Romance Writers. If you're counting  (I know I am), that makes three finalist placements (not that I'm smug, or anything). 

Award-of-Excellence-Finalist-CRW_ParanormalThis time, I'm in the “Paranormal” category, which is where the CRW puts the plucky little genre of science fiction romance.

There are six of us finalists. Here are the other worthy contenders: Restless Spirits ~ Kathy Bryson, Blood Moon ~ Lisa Kessler, Call of the Siren ~ Rosalie Lario, Stop Dragon My Heart Around ~ Susannah Scott, and Happy Medium ~ Meg Benjamin. The winners will be announced at the CRW's mini-convention in Denver on 8 August 2015.

I can't pretend I'm embarrassed by the attention. I'm proud of my book and like  that other people think it's good enough to consider for another award. Overload Flux already won a 2015 SFR Galaxy Award, so I can't complain too much if I don't win any of the others, but it would be nice. 

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