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Pets in Space is Back!

Pets in Space Is Back, and I Am One of the Authors

Remember I told you that the USA TODAY bestselling, award-winning Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 anthology has left the galaxy forever? Well, it still has, but here's the good news: Pets in Space is back for 2018… and lucky me, I'm one of the authors.

This is one of the overabundance of (okay, three) secret projects I've been working on this year. The first two Pets in Space anthologies won multiple awards (Library Journal Best Book and SFR Galaxy), and Pets in Space 2 was a USA TODAY bestseller. More importantly, Pets in Space has raised over $4,400 for Hero-Dogs.org, a charity that raises, trains, places support dogs with disabled U.S. veterans to improve their quality of life and help them regain independence.

pets in space is back

Embrace the Passion: Pets in Space 3
Release Date: 9 October 2018
10% of preorders and first month's profits go to Hero-Dogs.org

pets in space is back

Dream-Team Lineup

Who else is in this year's anthology? I'm glad you asked, because I'm in fabulous company: S.E. Smith (Sarafin Warriors series), Anna Hackett (Galatic Gladiators series), Ruby Lionsdrake, Veronica Scott (Sectors SF series), Pauline Baird Jones (Project Enterprise series), Tiffany Roberts (Kraken series), Alexis Glynn Latner, E D Walker, JC Hay, and Kyndra Hatch. I love science fiction romance, and these are some of the best writers in the business. I'm reserving that entire week for reading their stories.

My story will be another standalone novella in my Central Galactic Concordance series. I'll tell you more about it soon, because I'm already in love with my main characters… and the pets.

Come On Board for the Pets in Space Newsletter and Facebook Group

Want the inside scoop on all things Pets in Space? Sign up for the Pets in Space newsletter. As a reward, you'll get an exclusive, not-available-anywhere-else Pets in Space 3 Coloring Book. It's the perfect de-stressor while you wait for all those wonderful pets.

Pets in Space also has its own Pets in Space Reader Group. All of us authors pop in and say hello, and everyone shares favorite stories from the news and about our personal pests… er, pets. You'll be the first to get in on fun contests and special offers, too.

I'll have more information for you in the months ahead—pets, sneak previews, guest blog posts, cover reveals—all the good stuff.

If you'd like, leave a comment below to tell me what pet you'd like to see in a science fiction romance story.


Pets in Space is back



    1. Thanks for the compliment on PET TRADE (and for noticing it’s coming out soon). I’m thrilled to be a part of Pets in Space 3, and the great lineup of authors — you included. :–)

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