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Spotlight on Pet Trade

Spotlight on Pet Trade

Spotlight on Pet Trade, a science fiction romance adventure with cyborgs and pets on a frontier planet

Pet Trade was my first science fiction romance novella for the Pets in Space® anthologies. This book has a spiffy new cover design by the talented Amanda Kelsey at Razzle Dazzle Design. Therefore, in honor of its upcoming publication anniversary and its lovely cover, I'm shining a spotlight on Pet Trade. BONUS: See below for a sale coupon code.

Pets In Space® Supports Hero-Dogs

The genesis of Pet Trade started with the USA TODAY bestselling Pets in Space® anthology series. The organizers honored me with an invitation to write an SFR novella for their second anthology. (This year's will be #5.) Once I learned the anthology supported the Hero-Dogs.org charity, I said “yes” with great enthusiasm.

Hero Dogs raises and trains service dogs to pair with disabled veterans and first-responders to help them regain independence and improve their quality of life. Our healthcare capabilities have made phenomenal strides in saving the people who put their lives on the line in war or disaster. However, we're not so good at helping those same people deal with the aftermath, or function in a city meant for able-bodied people. A trained service-dog/disabled person duo can meet those challenges head on.

Exploring the Shady Pet Trade Industry

Writing Pet Trade let me shine a spotlight on a shady industry that's usually in the background in the Central Galactic Concordance series. In my space opera universe, the pet trade industry has all the ethics of a disaster profiteer. Plus, the story is a side adventure, rather than part the big damn story arc that's going on. Therefore, I could focus on the romance between a cyborg and a damaged veterinarian. Oh, and and pets. Lots of them. 🐕 🐅 🦊 🐦 🐱 🐈

The heroine, Bethnee is a damaged veterinarian who makes her home in the far northern latitude of a frontier planet. Like every veterinarian I've ever known, she's rescued a variety of pets over the years. Her current tribe includes a red panda, a weasel, a fox, and a snow leopard.

The hero, Axur, is a Jumper (think elite forces military) with cybernetic limbs. He crash-landed on the planet, and discovered a hidden shipment of illegal and stolen pets crash-landed with him. Axur's menagerie includes Kivo, a six-legged pet-trade experiment, and Shiza, a cute and lazy foo lion with a powerful bite. Because he wants to do right by them, he takes them to the town veterinary clinic.

When Axur meets Bethnee's snow leopard, he feels instant camaraderie with her because she has a cybernetic limb. Cyborg male, meet cyborg cat. 😸 Luckily for the romance, Axur is equally fascinated by the clever Bethnee and her extraordinary talent to connect mentally to animals and heal them.

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Pet Trade

Pet Trade, a SciFi Space Opera Romance with Cyborgs, Adventure, and PetsAn injured veterinarian and a cyborg with unusual pets must join forces to save their town.

The vast Central Galactic Concordance strictly prohibits genetic experimentation and alteration of humans on any of its 500 member planets. Animals aren’t so lucky.

On a frontier planet, veterinarian Bethnee Bakonin made a home for herself in the frozen north. Her minder talent for healing all kinds of animals would ordinarily assure her success, but her unwilling stint in the shady pet-trade industry left her damaged and scared. She works around her limitations as best she can, and rescues pet-trade castoffs.

“Volunteered” for a black-box research project, elite forces Jumper Axur Tragon now has dangerous experimental tech in his cybernetic limbs. He escaped and crash-landed a stolen freighter in the northern mountains of a frontier planet, only to discover a secret shipment of designer pets was part of the cargo. Determined to do right by them, he enlists reluctant Bethnee’s aid in caring for them—a definite challenge, considering Bethnee is terrified of him.

When greedy mercenaries come raiding, can Axur and Bethnee work together to overcome their limitations, with help from their unusual pets, and save the day?

Grab your copy of PET TRADE today for a thrilling adventure—with pets—in the fringes of space!

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Pet Trade, a science fiction romance adventure with Cyborgs and Pets on a Frontier Planet