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Coloring Pages Just For Fun

Sometimes when I need a break so my brain can have time to think, but I can't go for a walk, I get generative AI art services to make some coloring pages just for fun. As is always the way with A.I. anything, some attempts are more successful than others.  Fair warning: This is image-heavy post.

Click on the thumbnail images below to see the full-size versions. Plus, feel free to save the image to your computer, print it out, and have some coloring fun for yourself.

Coloring Pages with Sci-Fi Themes

I've had the most success with spaceships, probably because I play with them a lot in the various A.I. services. The black-and-white illustration versions are fun to color.

Black and white line art illustration of a stylized futuristic space station, generated by MidJourney

Black and white line art of a stylized futuristic spaceship for a coloring page, generated by NightCafe

These pages are for when you have a lot of time on your hands and lots of colored pencils to play with.

Detailed black and white illustration of a spaceship interior, generated by MidJourney
Black and white illustration of a futuristic shop, in the style of coloring pages, generated by MidJourney

It's probably best not to worry about whether the spaceship design could actually fly with multiple crosswise engines. AI services scoff at the laws of physics.

Simple black and white illustration of a spaceship, generated by MidJourney

Fantasy-Themed Coloring Pages

This is the A.I.'s interpretation of “abstract magic.” I suspect that A.I.s are drunk about half the time. This image makes a decent coloring page.

Black-and-white line art illustration of a magic circle in the sky with stars, generated by MidJourney

I like dragons. Luckily, A.I.'s are fairly decent at creating them. Dragons and other fantasy creatures are very popular subjects with users.

Detailed black and white illustration of a dragon guarding treasure, generated by MidJourney

For all that cats rule the internet, A.I's sometimes have difficulty drawing the correct number of paws and attaching the tail to the cat in the appropriate place. Pretend you don't notice that this cat's tail is very, very short.

Black and white line art image of a cat on a boat. generated by MidJourney

Miscellaneous Coloring Pages Just For fun

This stylized illustration of a bear is great for when you only have four colors to play with.

A styllized black-and-white illustration of a bear, generated by MidJourney

A.I. services generally can't handle words or numbers. They're better if you give them a single character at a time, as in this monogram image of the letter “V.”

Illustration of a monogram of the letter "V" with a stylized retro-futuristic background, generated by MidJourney

I like tea, so this page is fun to color when I'm also indulging in my favorite beverage.

Coloring-page style black and white illustration of a teapot and tea cups, generated by MidJourney

A library full of books will take lots of colors and time, but it's fun if you work on it in odd moments.

Black and white illustration of a library full of books with a tree in the room, generated by MidJourney

A cat with the correct number of wings, legs, and tail. It's a miracle!

Black and white coloring page with an illustration of a winged cat, generated by MidJourney

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    1. Thanks for the kind words. They’re kind of fun to create, too. Sometimes AI art services absolutely *insist* on coloring them in for you. 😉

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