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Box Set Bonanza 2020

Early Black Friday Box Set Bonanza 2020

Box Set Bonanza 2020 - Books on sale

On the theory that everyone welcomes a bargain now and then, especially this time of year, I've put both of my box sets on sale for 40% off through the end of November. I'm calling it the Box Set Bonanza 2020. They make great gifts, too — no wrapping paper needed. 🎁

Click on the links and use the discount codes for each.  You're buying direct from me.

Space Opera • Action • Romance

Box Set: Central Galactic Concordance Books 1-3

The first three books of the Central Galactic Concordance science fiction romance series

Use code SF-BF20 to get a 40% discount

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The Central Galactic Concordance government boasts 500 member planets and 200 years of prosperity, thanks to the sprawling Citizen Protection Service. The CPS also employs minders—people with telepathic and telekinetic talents—for service and security, and covert operations. Being a minder isn't easy—they are followed by fear and prejudice. But being a “person of interest,” or of use to the CPS is even worse. Throw in corruption, hidden agendas, planet-sized secrets, and space battles… Your only hope for survival is to know who your friends are… and keep them close.

This box set contains the first three books of the Central Galactic Concordance series:

  • Overload Flux ~ When the cure for a deadly disease is stolen, two misfits are all that stands between greed and intergalactic tragedy.
  • Minder Rising ~ A covert agent asked to train a prodigy telepath discovers he must first keep the boy and his mother alive in a gleaming city full of danger.
  • Pico's Crush ~ Trouble comes to paradise when a serial killer chooses a galaxy-famous college campus for his hunting ground.


Paranormal Romance • Adventure • Magic

Box Set: Ice Age Shifters Books 1-4

Ice Age Shifters Books 1-4 for the Box Set Bonanza 2020

Use code PNR-BF20 to get a 40% discount

🔶 Buy the Ice Age Box Set for 40% Off 🔶

Ice Age shifters defy the odds to protect their true mates from anyone and anything that stands in their way. Not every pack, clan, or pride knows what to do with a prehistoric shifter. Luckily, their mates do. Four complete magical paranormal romances with action, humor, and heart. Immerse yourself in the secret worlds of the smokin' hot Ice Age Shifters today.

This box set contains the first four books of the Ice Age Shifters series:

    • Shifter Mate Magic ~ Pregnant and running for her life, a woman must trust a sexy bear shifter to get them both to a magical sanctuary town.
    • Shift of Destiny ~ A prehistoric lion shifter must convince a woman that the world of magic exists and he’s her mate, or lose her to a greedy billionaire who wants her gifts for himself.
  • Heart of a Dire Wolf ~ A dire wolf shifter and her would-be tiger-shifter mate must face down deadly hunters and greedy wizards in a mysterious northern town.
  • Dire Wolf Wanted</strong ~ Two extraordinary shifters must overcome their differences and combine their skills to prevent a war that threatens to engulf the magical world.


Box Set Bonanza 2020 - Books on sale

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