SFR Galaxy Awards, Medical Care in Space Opera, and a Dinosaur (Podcast)

SFR Galaxy Awards, Medical Care in Space Opera, and a Dinosaur Carol Van Natta’s Video Podcast #2 This is podcast number 2 in my quest to share more silliness with the world, this time, about the SFR Galaxy Awards, space opera, and more. If you missed the first one, watch it here. Because I once […]

Space Opera, SFR, and Science Fantasy Carol Van Natta’s Video Podcast #1 Some friends of mine think I’m silly enough in person that I should be sharing it on camera. It sounded like fun, so I tried it. I figured you’d prefer that I not ramble on like your loony great aunt Sarah who’s been […]

lots of books

NCW Podcast #40 Stars Me! OK, and Others Interested in self-publishing? Tune in to the recent NCW Podcast to hear three shy (cough) and unopinionated (cough) women talk about going the self-publishing route and the choices available. Hosted by Rich Keller of Northern Colorado Writers, the podcast is available from Podomatic, and on iTunes and […]

NCW Podcast Guest Appearance

Can you really say it’s a “podcast guest appearance” even if it’s only audio? The Northern Colorado Writers group, of which I’m a member, produces a regular podcast, the NCW Podcast. Richard Keller, of Wooden Pants Publishing, is the host, and had me in recently to talk about independent publishing, science fiction romance, and my […]