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Spotlight on Overload Flux

Spotlight on Overload Flux

Spotlight on Overload Flux

It's coming on the start of a new season and the sixth year since I published my first solo book, Overload Flux. Back then, I believed the Central Galactic Concordance series might be six books long. Oh, trust me—my muse laughed itself silly over that one. My current estimate says it's probably 10 books, plus all the novellas. So today, I'm shining a spotlight on Overload Flux.

Overload Flux Wasn't the First Book

The series started when my muse pounced on me one summer with a big damn space-opera story arc featuring rebellion, adventure, and romance. However, when I went to draft the outline of what I innocently imagined was the first book, I discovered a problem. Readers would need a whole lot of back story to understand what was going on. It's a big galaxy, with a 500+ settled planets and a complex history. Therefore, I backed up several years on the timeline and wrote Overload Flux, followed by two more books. Hopefully, it's much more entertaining than slogging through a historical review of a far-future universe.

As I've mentioned before, all my stories start with characters, and Overload Flux is no exception. Mairwen, a lethal assassin with the social skills of a cactus, meets Luka, a brilliant man in need of protecting. Despite a multitude of secrets, they learn to trust one another. Good thing, too, because someone has even bigger secrets they're willing to kill for.

This Isn't Our First Pandemic Rodeo

The catalyst for the events in Overload Flux is the missing vaccine for an intergalactic pandemic.

No, I'm not prescient. We've had pandemics since the dawn of human civilization, and I'd wager since the dawn of viruses that need hosts to survive and replicate. Therefore, it stands to reason we'll have them in the future, too.

While writing the book, I researched the 1918 flu pandemic and imagined how it could easily spread across the galaxy, especially if it had a longer than usual incubation time.

Spotlight on the Past and the Future

Though I wrote Overload Flux first, it's no longer the first book in the timeline. The events in Last Ship Off Polaris-G take place a few years before it. That book also introduces a secondary character who gets his own book later on in the big damn story arc. Read more about Last Ship in this Spotlight post.

Similarly, Overload Flux features a supporting character who becomes the star of Pico's Crush, book 3. By the way, in the novella Zero Flux, which again features Luka and Mairwen, a discovery they make while solving a mystery reverberates through the next several books, too. I love weaving little threads like these throughout the series.

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Overload Flux

Overload Flux, a space opera romance

When the cure for a deadly disease is stolen, two misfits are all that stands between greed and intergalactic tragedy.

Luka Foxe can’t let anyone know about his secret mental abilities. Debilitated by their influence when faced with violence, the brilliant forensic investigator now only takes assignments involving theft. But when he has to hunt down a hijacked vaccine for a galaxy-wide pandemic, the tragic first clue is his best friend’s brutal murder.

Nightshift guard Mairwen Morganthur knows she must keep a low profile. The product of illegal genetic alteration, she’s a lethal weapon with no social graces. But when she’s tasked to protect a detective with frightening intuition, she finds herself falling for him even though he could expose her.

Racing to recover the cure for a galaxy-wide pandemic, Luka is surprised by his developing feelings for the capable-but-mysterious guard. And Mairwen may have to risk everything by revealing her identity, with deadly mercenaries hot on their tail.

Can the unlikely pair survive an interplanetary conspiracy long enough to save lives and find love?

Overload Flux is the first novel in the sweeping Central Galactic Concordance space opera series. If you like haunted characters, compelling mysteries, and interstellar romance, then you’ll enjoy Carol Van Natta’s epic tale.

Buy Overload Flux to uncover cosmic corruption today!

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Spotlight on Overload Flux, a space opera romance


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