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Six New Magic, NM Books to Enjoy

Six New Magic, NM Books to Enjoy For you paranormal romance fans out there, check out the six new books in the Magic, New Mexico collection of stories. It’s an Amazon Kindle Worlds project, which allows multiple authors to romp on a shared playground, but bring their unique voices to the game. Now there are […]

Jumper's Hope wins SFR Galaxy Award

Jumper’s Hope Wins an SFR Galaxy Award for 2016 Yay, me! Jumper’s Hope, Central Galactic Concordance Book 4, won a 2016 SFR Galaxy Award. I’ve been honored to win this award twice before, for Overload Flux and Minder Rising, so I’m absolutely thrilled to win a third for my virtual shelf. Judge Lee Kovin selected […]

Galaxy Day Sale

Galaxy Day Sale • 13-15 January 2017 In honor of Galaxy Day*, seven fabulous science fiction romance books are on sale for only 99¢ (or the equivalent on your planet)! __________ *Galaxy Day celebrates the first faster-than-light interstellar space flight Minder Rising by Carol Van Natta Regularly $3.99 — On sale for $0.99 Space opera, […]

Out now: JUMPER’S HOPE (Central Galactic Concordance Book 4) Reunited lovers must outwit a ruthless government agent, or their rumored deaths will be real this time. Hang on for a desperate race for survival in the far reaches of deep space—get your copy of Jumper’s Hope today! Two retired elite special forces veterans discover their […]