Overload Flux

Laurel wreath for a winner

Just a short post to announce that Overload Flux (A Central Galactic Concordance Novel) has won a 2015 SFR Galaxy Award  for “Best Difficult Courtship: How two very different people make it work.” Overload Flux shares the spotlight with some great books, so I’m honored to be in such illustrious company. If you love science fiction romance, […]

Thanks to Lexie Hamilton at her delightfully named “Poisoned Rationality” blog for the nice 5-star review of Overload Flux. It’s a wonderful feeling for an author to know other people like your work and want to read more. 🙂 “…I look forward to there being more books in this universe – while things wrap up […]

Overload Flux on Sale

Overload Flux is on Sale! Just in time for Winter Solstice Day, or other holidays and special occasions you may celebrate in December, Overload Flux (A Central Galactic Concordance Novel)is on sale now through the end of the month for just $0.99 USD. Just a suggestion, but it’d make a great gift or virtual stocking-stuffer. […]

Overload Flux Available for iTunes

Overload Flux on iTunes Newsflash: Apple users with iPads, iPhones, and Macs can now get their very own copy of Overload Flux straight from the iTunes or iBookstore, and here’s the link:   You may now resume your regular reading activities.            

Heart-shaped calligraphic ornament

Overload Flux (A Central Galactic Concordance Novel) is available today at an e-tailer near you: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and (soon) iTunes. It’s a science fiction-action-romance novel with mystery, adventure, corrupt pharma companies, fights, space battles, and strong characters to root for. It’s also the start of a new series.   By the way, […]

The Cover for Overload Flux is Here

Cover! The cover of my upcoming science fiction-action-romance novel, Overload Flux, is finished, so I’m revealing it gloating about it here. The novel will be available for Kindle, Nook, and Kobo by October 17, and on iTunes soon thereafter.   Overload Flux (A Central Galactic Concordance Novel)  Hidden talents, deadly enemies… two strangers must learn trust to […]

Pet Peeves About Romance Novels

Pet Peeves About Romance Novels There are things that drive me crazy about romance novels these days. When I was ready (OK, driven) to write a science fiction/action series that starts with Overload Flux, it came to me, as I outlined the story arc, that all the planned novels involve romantic elements. Along with science fiction, action, […]